Upgrade Online Gaming Experience with Managed Cloud Server Hosting

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Cloudyea blog 20-05-2022

boost online gaming experience with managed cloud server hosting

Gaming businesses are booming in this modern era. The gaming companies are developing games that increasingly handle heavy-duty processing and connectivity. Competitions are also rising in the gaming industry, focused on more performance for gamers. If performance falls below expectations, gamers will switch to a different platform. The issue of latency or lag in online gaming can disrupt the smooth gaming experience. Here comes the importance of managed cloud server hosting that boost performance and upgrade online gaming experience to the next level.

The online gaming industry now requires better infrastructure services, global connectivity, security, and processing power to stay competitive in business. Furthermore, the burden to maintain a cutting-edge backend infrastructure necessitates regular investment to update or replace servers and workforce as newer technology becomes available. Mitigate such issues for start-ups and smaller online gaming companies with managed cloud server hosting. Now let us dive into details of the online gaming experience improved with managed cloud server hosting.

Managed Cloud Server Hosting that Upgrade Online Gaming Experience


Smooth gaming performance is an essential factor that gamers always seek and stick to for the long term. The lag or latency is not acceptable in gaming as gamers cannot tolerate a certain degree of delay. Deploying games in managed cloud servers delivers adequate processing power. Due to the vast availability of processing power, the online gaming experience improved significantly. Managed cloud servers are designed and optimized to offer an unmatched and smooth gaming experience. Furthermore, the managed cloud server hosting is customized to speed up GPU processing for a smooth online video game experience.


Managed cloud server hosting enables to scale of server compute power up or down according to the online game demand. Managed Cloud resources are efficiently utilized and scaled up or down as per performance requirements. When a new game update or significant platform updates launches to the market, the managed cloud infrastructures have the agility to scale at short notice. Scalability of cloud resources as per online gaming requirements is possible with managed cloud server. Furthermore, online gaming companies need not take the burden and stress of dealing with cloud infrastructure resources. Managed cloud service providers handle all the management of cloud infrastructure scaling for online game companies.

Management of Server Locations for Minimum Delay

While gamers have freedom of movement, online gaming companies must be strategic when it comes to the location of their servers. It’s because server location can have just as much an influence on game performance as server configurations. Strategic placing cloud server clusters or data Centers in areas where gamers most frequently present help to reduce delay or lag. Moreover, Managed cloud server hosting provider implements an efficient server placement strategy to mitigate delays or lag. 

Privacy and Security

Managed security is also a critical component of online gaming companies with cloud hosting packages, with options such as Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM), DDoS IP protection, and penetration testing. Security strategies are essential since DDoS attacks on online gaming companies are rising. Gaming breaches and vulnerabilities are higher without security, causing smooth game execution and possible downtime. 

Mitigate Downtime 

If online gaming gets disrupted, the gaming companies lose their potential users. Furthermore, downtime of online games can cost gaming companies money, subscribers and quality standards. Best managed cloud server hosting providers guarantee to provide 99.9% network uptime for online gaming companies. Furthermore, having a data Center in strategic locations guarantee to deliver better network uptime. 

Server Monitoring and Maintenance

The managed cloud service provider monitors all the game server activities for anomalies. Quick maintenance support keeps your game running, secured and protected. Furthermore, managed cloud service providers get notified of server failures and provide instant resolution for a smooth online gaming experience. Maintenance works are carried out periodically for the smooth operation of the game servers.

Game Data Backups

Managed cloud service providers use regular data backups to keep game data safe and secure. Regular game backups in case of hardware failures, natural disasters or server failures help restore it quickly. Cloud backup and recovery services can recover and restore game data, reducing downtime.

Why Cloudyea for upgrading the online gaming experience with managed cloud server hosting?

Cloudyea is the best managed cloud hosting service provider and web hosting service provider for all scales of businesses. Furthermore, Cloudyea provides managed gaming server hosting services that allow gaming companies to build and run games on highly secure cloud servers at a low cost. Gaming companies can reap the full benefits of managed gaming cloud server hosting with Cloudyea. Furthermore, The managed online gaming cloud server hosting services of Cloudyea helps gaming companies to achieve the best secure environment for hosting games with unmatched performance. Flexible to scale up and down your game cloud server resources with Cloudyea based on changing game demands. Host online games with no worries with Cloudyea to stay competitive in the gaming industry.

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