Migration Benefits of Video Stream Hosting in a Managed Cloud

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Cloudyea blog 29-04-2022

migration benefits of video-stream hosting in managed cloud

The cloud is becoming increasingly popular, and using it for video streaming is booming for its exceptional benefits. Most enterprises spend millions on cloud technologies to procure quality and high-performance web hosting, video hosting, and application hosting and expected this to rise after the pandemic. With the increased use of video, a scalable cloud video platform is beneficial to your business.¬†Furthermore, migrations to managed cloud are uplifting for it’s immense featured Benefits of Video Stream Hosting.

A video is a powerful tool that can quickly convey ideas and attract consumers. Videos are also a part of internal communications and training in most organizations, especially in remote work situations. Visual communication through videos helps to improve knowledge and faster practical implementation. A Managed cloud-based video streaming solution can assist your company in realizing its full potential where storage space and quality of the video are not compromised. Your audience can watch videos on the internet from any location. You can set the option of making videos public or restricting them to log in users. Finally, as your business’s video needs grow, you can scale your cloud storage and streaming capabilities. Managed cloud hosting service providers can customize, scale, optimize and provide security for your video streaming without interruptions.  

A cloud video streaming solution or platform is a YouTube-like solution for your organization. However, it stores your organization’s videos in a cloud Datacenter and utilizes different computing capabilities to optimize your videos for streaming and conduct other video-related workloads.

Now let’s dive into details of the migration benefits of Video stream hosting in a managed cloud.

Benefits of Video Stream Hosting in Managed Cloud


Managed video stream hosting services let you resize your server up or down based on the current video on demand with optimum efficiency. As your company’s video stream demand expands, managed cloud platforms enable you to expand your storage and server hardware, add more features, and integrate with new IT systems. Scalable storage is the feature for CCTV cloud-based video management as it allows for storage of CCTV video records for months or years as required. Furthermore, a scalable cloud provides for storage and streaming of quality large-size videos. Various cloud technologies within a video platform can ensure playback on all devices and varying bandwidth conditions. Featured options such as Azure Media Services, Encoding.com, AWS Elemental etc. aid in sharing and managing video assets.  

Security and Data protection

According to practical insights, the top factor of cloud adoption is security and data protection. Managed cloud provides maximum security for video streaming with restricted user access or permission to an authorized audience. Furthermore, Cloud video streaming for private users or organization staff helps maintain business privacy. Business organizations can benefit store videos with the security and data compliance practices of a managed cloud. Cloud providers are up to date on cloud security issues, and it is better to leave it to the experts rather than manage it yourself.

Best Quality Video Streaming

Hosting in a managed cloud helps deliver the best-quality video streams to your audiences. By partnering with a video stream hosting provider, content providers can easily stream videos with exceptional quality to their users. Furthermore a dedicated or customized cloud video streaming platforms can smoothly run and decode high-quality videos for the viewers with top-end cloud hardware resources.

Low Latency

Get your video stream delivered to millions of audiences without delay with Managed cloud video hosting. A high volume of video messages is optimized and processed with minimal video buffering time to the audience. Furthermore, various edge servers called CDNs cache videos to ensure minimum buffering and faster loading times. Azure and AWS have cloud content delivery networks (CDNs) like Azure CDN and Amazon CloudFront.

Better Uptime Guarantee

If the video stream fails, the business loses subscribers, potential leads and money. Here a managed cloud comes to the rescue that offers regular monitoring and effective management of the video hosting server. Also, most managed cloud video hosting providers guarantee to keep your streaming service up and running 99.9% of the time.

24/7 Support

Managed cloud service providers ensure smooth operation of the cloud and provide instant resolution and support for video hosting issues. Furthermore, most managed cloud video stream hosting provide 24/7 support services to assist you in solving any hosting challenges.

Video Backups

Video stored on the managed cloud is replicated through data redundancy services by leading cloud providers. Regular Video backups are performed in case of hardware failures, natural disasters or disruptions by managed cloud providers. Video data can be recovered and restored with cloud backup and recovery services.


For smooth video streaming, regular maintenance and security audits done by managed cloud experts. Managed cloud providers do all the hardware/software maintenance and updations, and hence business organizations need not worry about such video hosting problems.

AI features

Businesses can leverage the leading AI features that cloud providers offer. Microsoft Azure, for example, provides Azure Cognitive services that automatically generate transcripts from your videos. Amazon Web Services offer AWS Rekognition, while Google has its own AI models. Through videos stored on the cloud, you can easily have them in one centralized place to be analyzed using AI. You can then use innovative video indexing features (like Amazon Transcribe) offered by cloud providers to get more from your videos. 

Mitigate Advertisement Hindrances

Youtube and other video streaming hosting platforms sometimes display ads during video streaming that can cause hindrance to business audience viewers. Advertisement hindrance is reduced significantly with a dedicated video stream hosting platform or customized business video stream platform powered by cloud resources. 

Why Cloudyea for Managed video stream cloud hosting

Cloudyea is the leading managed cloud hosting provider that provides video stream hosting services in a managed cloud for businesses. Furthermore, Cloudyea is a pioneer in delivering the best quality video stream services with minimum downtime in a managed cloud. Moreover, low latency and better video stream performance offered by Cloudyea promoted the wide acceptance of their managed cloud for video streaming. Some of the features of Cloudyea’s video stream hosting is

*Low latency

*99.9% uptime

*Control panel powered management

*24/7 Support


*Best Quality Stream

So if you are looking to stream your business video to the online world without interruptions, Cloudyea will be your right choice. Stream your business videos to embark on the journey of success by reaping the full benefits of the managed cloud.

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