How AWS Cloud Migration Benefits Businesses?

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Cloudyea blog 14-01-2022

Over time with the rising workloads of the business, problems may arise as business data storage issues, business operation performance delays, reduced productivity, reduced agility etc. Moreover, security is another concern business organizations have to worry about with rising technologies.

To mitigate or prevent those, an AWS helps organizations of all sizes migrate workloads to the cloud. 

Amazon web services (AWS) provide a wide range of cloud services to businesses handling complex business operations and workloads. In addition to cloud services, rapid IT migration of business workloads offered by AWS.

Successful migration of on-premises workloads of business to AWS cloud ensures to maintain the smooth business operations and better productivity. Furthermore, it boosts business growth to a great extend.

AWS cloud migration services help business organizations to migrate various websites, applications, databases, storage, servers and even data centers of the on-premises environment to a cloud.

So, Why do you need to migrate such of your business workloads to AWS cloud?

Let us look at how AWS cloud migration benefits businesses in detail furthermore.

AWS Cloud Migration Benefits

High Flexibility 

AWS cloud migration serves large and small businesses globally, making it flexible to support and meet all scales of business needs. Furthermore, Flexibility in loading applications as per requirements for business improves convenience to make application changes in the virtual environment.

Safe and Reliable 

The secure cloud infrastructure of AWS cloud helps business applications be hosted and accessed in a much more reliable and secured cloud environment with a simplified process. Moreover AWS cloud migration help to mitigate hosting security incidents encountered to the business applications and data to a great extend. By using an end-to-end approach by AWS, cloud infrastructure will have a top-notch security framework.

Infrastructure Cost Savings

AWS cloud migration helps business organizations efficiently host multiple applications using their IT resources without further infrastructure implementation, saving costs.

High Performance

Performance of business IT resources and hosted web applications improved with AWS cloud migration. The high response of hosted business applications and websites in the AWS cloud improve business user convenience. 

Improved Productivity

High performance of the hosted applications, websites etc. after AWS cloud migration results in overall productivity improvement for business

Quick Business Application Deployment

AWS cloud migration helps quickly deploy applications with simplified methodologies, hosting assistance and accelerated migrations.

Improved Multiple User Handling Capabilities

Migrating business workloads to AWS cloud also benefits, serving multiple users from remote locations of the world at the same time. Multiple user handling capabilities of AWS cloud is comparatively reliable and convenient for business. The vast Amazon cloud infrastructure will ensure that you have the computational power to handle multiple users.

Minimum Downtime

AWS simplifies each step of the migration process with automation and data-driven guidance, reducing the time, effort and complexity involved. Thus AWS cloud migration helps mitigate the downtime of business workloads with a quick migration process. 

Accessibility and Hosting Convenience

AWS cloud migration allows businesses to quickly host applications, websites and access business data files from remote locations, improving convenience. Furthermore, secured and quick data access according to business requirements helps improve business operations.

Safeguard your Critical Business Data

Migrating your on-premises workloads to AWS cloud mitigate critical data loss and data downtime from on-premise infrastructure failures, environmental disasters etc. All the risks associated with an on-premise IT environment, reduced with AWS cloud migration resulting in better operational resilience. Furthermore, critical business email hosting is also done with AWS migration to handle business and client communications.


AWS cloud migration can use diverse elements such as AWS tools, Elastic Load Balancing, and Auto Scaling so that your application can scale as per the changing demand with optimal performance. 

What are the AWS Migration Solutions that Ensure Desired Business Outcomes?

Migration Methodology 

AWS prescriptive guidance provides the best methods for assessment, readiness and planning, migrations, and other operations. Further updated migration methods are also implemented based on business categories, volumes etc.

Migration Tools & Services

AWS have a comprehensive portfolio of migration tools and a third-party migration tooling ecosystem that provide intelligent recommendations based on AWS machine learning to accelerate each step of the migration process. Furthermore, business migration speed improved with the implementation of automation.

AWS Migration Acceleration Program

The AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) is committed to helping large-scale migration reach their business goals further by combining all the components of migration solutions with investments to assist in migrations.

AWS Migration Competency Partners

AWS helps to complete multiple large-scale migrations faster with AWS Migration Competency Partners.  


AWS Managed Services (AMS) takes responsibility for operating your enterprise-ready cloud environment and migrating workloads in days versus months. Furthermore, it provides the most efficient management strategy to maintain smooth business operations.

AWS Professional Services

Automate and accelerate the migration of large workloads to the AWS Cloud with AWS Professional Services.  

AWS Marketplace

To simplify and accelerate migrations AWS Marketplace with an extensive, curated software catalogue, easier transactions and procurement processes, improved governance control and quick access to professional expertise, all in one place.

AWS Training and Certification

Design training strategy to help the organization build the right AWS cloud skills. With comprehensive training, organizations can achieve faster cloud adoption and cloud migrations.

Why Cloudington for AWS Cloud Migration?

Cloudington is the most trusted managed cloud hosting service provider that provides fully managed AWS cloud hosting and AWS Cloud migration services to a wide range of businesses globally. Furthermore, Cloudington has years of experience helping organizations of all sizes migrate workloads to the secure AWS cloud. By adopting fully managed AWS cloud hosting services provided by Cloudington, business organizations can reap the full benefits of AWS cloud. Efficient cloud migration services with minimal downtime are the specialities of AWS cloud migration experts of Cloudington. Their cloud backup hosting services help safeguard valuable business data and strengthen data security strategies.

managed aws cloud migration consultant

An expert AWS migration consultant implements AWS migration of business workloads much quicker rather than learning or getting trained in it. Choosing expert AWS migration consultant can takeover the burden of implementation of AWS migration strategy much quicker rather than learning or training. Business organizations get benefits such as IT cost savings, productivity improvements, operational resilience and business agility from the AWS cloud migration services provided by Cloudington. So, embark on the journey of business success and stay competitive in the rising business demands with Cloudington.

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