Best Use Cases and Advantages of Managed Private Cloud Hosting

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Cloudyea blog 09-04-2022

Best Use Cases and Advantages of Managed Private Cloud Hosting

The Cloud computing debate is long over, but many questions about integrating the cloud into an organization remain unanswered. Which is the best solution: public, private, or hybrid? The answer to this question isn’t a simple one. Cloud computing isn’t a one-size-fits-all project need.

Though public clouds provide extensive options, they aren’t always the right solution for the task. Even though it’s easy to assume that a public cloud can satisfy the most need of a business, there are some use cases where a private cloud environment outperforms its’ public counterpart.

Let’s find out more about the best use cases and resonating advantages of managed private cloud hosting for businesses looking to transition to cloud computing.

Use cases of managed private cloud

Reduced Costs for Predictable Needs

A private cloud is considered more expensive than a public cloud. But in some use cases, they can be cheaper. Typically, this is the case for organizations whose storage and workload needs don’t undergo fluctuations. When the workloads are predictable, the cost of the required resources is also less. 

Managing private clouds isn’t the only way to decrease the total cost of ownership compared to public clouds – automation is another factor. An experienced DevOps team can implement processes like building automation and database cloning to cut production costs and speed up production.

Customized Capabilities

The main distinguishing feature of a private cloud is the infrastructure dedicated to a single company. The private cloud doesn’t share its servers with other users like the public cloud. Hence you can customize your private environment to fit your business needs, unlike public clouds. A dedicated private cloud infrastructure ensures total control over businesses that require specific configurations and schedules regarding security, governance, or recovery options. When you use the managed private cloud, updates are deployed according to us and not by a public cloud provider. Dedicated private infrastructure ensures predictable pricing and performance even during peak periods, allowing for business continuity throughout the year.

Support Continuity

The long term managed private cloud services teams that have supported businesses for an extended period can continue to use the same standards across all cloud infrastructure. Managed private cloud benefits enterprises to maintain business continuity and stability with dedicated support. Establishing long-term partnerships with a managed cloud services provider will add significant value to their smooth operation of business needs in the private cloud.

Flexible Operating System Support

Private clouds can support older operating systems that public clouds cannot. Organizations that are unable to or do not wish to change their older operating systems can still benefit from the cloud’s functionalities without compromising their current way of doing business. Some businesses might find the feasibility to run business with an older OS than a new one. The private cloud allows choosing the operating system that suits business applications or web platform’s compatibility.


As government and regulatory agencies shift their focus to cloud computing, organizations that handle such sensitive data in any form may need to verify that their settings can meet the required standards. A private cloud solution is a good competitor because having complete control over the infrastructure facilitates compliance processes such as updates, audits, and security measures.

Advantages of Managed Private Cloud

By choosing a managed private cloud hosting service, organizations will have complete control of their dedicated cloud environment customized for the requirements. A team of cloud hosting experts will completely manage your private cloud hosting infrastructure while you can focus on growing your business. Now let’s dive into more advantages of Managed Private cloud hosting.

Superior Performance

Managed private cloud hosting offers unmatched performance with the highest level of privacy and flexibility. You can mitigate the hassles of cloud server management for performance with managed cloud services. Managed cloud hosting service experts completely optimize your Private cloud resources and workloads for better efficiency. Managed private cloud configured and customized to meet performance requirements.

Dedicated Support

Managed private cloud hosting services are backed by 24/7 support services to assist customers and ensure optimal performance of the cloud servers. Quick service response from the support team helps businesses find the issues, analyze them and provide adequate solutions. A dedicated support team ensures the smooth operation of the business organization with swift resolution.

Managed Backups and Security

Securing your web and application resources requires data protection. Managed private cloud service providers perform data backups or cloud backup services that ensure the hosting security and integrity of your business data. Blocking unauthorized access to the private network with a dedicated firewall helps server security.

Minimal downtime

Moving to the Private cloud with the assistance of cloud migration experts with deep technical capabilities helps you plan and execute your move with minimal downtime. Furthermore, managed hosting service providers’ quick migration strategy ensures a smooth transition of the website/application from the old platform to the private cloud. Managed monitoring service and faster issue resolution result in minimal downtime. The best managed Private cloud hosting services provide a 99.9% guaranteed uptime SLA.

Customization and scalable

Managed Private cloud environment is highly scalable as per the requirements of the business. Additionally, cloud experts can scale your server resources to meet the ever-changing workload demands. Managed private cloud hosting offers a scalable range of services to match the changing needs of your web/applications. Customization of the hardware and software resources of the cloud server is possible with a private cloud rather than a public cloud.

Business Continuity

Businesses dealing with online services, online transactions, or payments require continuous uptime of their applications. Furthermore, enjoy an uninterrupted, fast, and secure hosting experience for business applications/websites with managed private cloud. Best managed private cloud hosting guarantee to offer a 99.9% uptime SLA. A Managed Private Cloud can ensure a continuous business operation around the clock. 

Managed private cloud hosting migration services with Cloudyea

Cloudyea is the Managed private cloud hosting service provider with experience in migrating workloads of all sizes from other platforms. Furthermore, Cloudyea simplifies and accelerates your migration process with around the clock technical support. Our Private cloud experts ensure minimal impact on your business during the transition. Cloudyea takes care of the burden of private cloud server management so that customers do need not to worry about hosting issues. Cloud experts of Cloudyea ensure the servers are performing flawlessly. Additionally, users can deploy applications fast and enjoy maximum security at all times.

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