Benefits of Managed Hosting and Why Startups Should Consider It?

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Cloudyea blog 26-08-2021
Benefits of Managed Hosting

Do you have any idea about what managed hosting is and the benefits it offers to businesses? Well, it is a type of hosting in which your hosting provider handles all the aspects related to hosting such as server setup, administration, configuration, management, and support. With managed hosting, it is completely the responsibility of the hosting provider to ensure the online availability of the client’s website. Other than this, there are numerous benefits of managed hosting which can be really helpful for businesses especially startups.

So, with this article, we will explain the key benefits of managed hosting and why startups should choose managed hosting services over conventional hosting.

So without wasting any time, let’s get started.

Why Managed Hosting is a Good Choice for Startups?

Poor website performance can often be the primary reason why businesses find it challenging to engage with their customers. Have you ever wondered what causes this poor website performance and loading speed? Your conventional hosting plan, i.e shared/ VPS/ dedicated hosting can be the reason. A poorly configured server may not provide you the flexibility and performance needed to offer a satisfactory user experience. 

And with SEO growing in importance, it is crucial to ensure that your website isn’t lagging behind on performance. Being a startup, it is important that you need to have a good online presence in order to attract quality traffic to your website.

By choosing a managed hosting service, you get complete hosting support from your hosting provider. Hence, it helps eliminate the possibilities of all the above-mentioned issues. They often provide features and services that also help enhance the website performance and guarantee high uptime. Managed web host also allows businesses to easily scale their server resource according to the current business requirement.   

Key Benefits of Managed Hosting Services

1. Guaranteed Uptime

To run an online business, you need a hosting provider that ensures guaranteed uptime and superior performance. Server downtime may affect your brand’s reputation and will thus result in revenue loss. Having a lot of traffic flow to your site or applications can put a strain on your server resources and gradually result in server downtime. This in turn may affect the SEO ranking of your site.

Read- How does hosting affect SEO ranking?, to know how downtime can impact your website SEO ranking. 

So, for unmatched website performance with maximum uptime, managed hosting is the best choice. To get maximum uptime you should choose a hosting provider having high-availability zones. 

Cloudington is a managed cloud hosting services provider that offers a wide range of cloud hosting services to businesses of all scales. Choose Cloudington’s fully managed WordPress hosting services to enjoy an uninterrupted hosting experience at an affordable price. 

2. Expert support

When it comes to hosting, you are always in need of a service provider, who offers reliable support services. Issues can occur anytime. So in case of any issues, well-experienced and technically sound support executives should be available 24/7 to get the issue resolved before it starts affecting the system performance. By choosing a managed hosting service provider, you are guaranteed to get quality support service as a part of their hosting plan.

Cloudington’s managed cloud hosting service plan comes with 24/7 dedicated support that guarantees to keep your site and application available on the internet without any interruptions.

To get started, choose any of our managed Linode hosting plans.

3. Secure Hosting

Another key benefit of managed hosting is that you are guaranteed to get outstanding security services. It helps to keep your website safe and secure from attacks. Most of the managed hosting providers offer security services that go beyond the built-in security features offered by public cloud platforms. Regular network monitoring, log file analysis, SSL certifications are some of the few basic services most of them offer.

4. Developer Friendly Tools

Other than basic tools like SFTP, error/access logs, and database access, managed hosting providers usually offer tools like SSH, composer, WO-CLI, HeidiSQL, and GIT to make your server environment more developer friendly. 

These developer-friendly tools offer the ability to run the sites with different PHP versions. The WP-CLI is a tool that helps in the better management of WordPress installation. It helps in adding or removing the users, categories, posts, search and replace in the database, posts, and many more. Hence the developer-friendly feature provided by managed hosting is one of the key factors why you want to choose them as your web host.

5. Automatic Software Updates

A managed hosting provider ensures that your website’s server remains up to date by carrying out all the necessary security patches and software updates regularly. These automatic update services are especially useful for those people who don’t have much of the technical expertise required to carry out the updations without any issues.

Being a leading managed cloud hosting service provider, Cloudington regularly monitors your hosting environment and carries out regular updates. In the event of any software vulnerability being detected after the update, we will immediately get in touch with the vendors and work with them to backport the update, so that the vulnerability is fixed.

6. Automatic Data Backups

A sudden and unexpected loss of data can lead you into the worst situation. Hence it is always better if you have backups for your website data. A managed hosting service provider always offers you a data backup plan without charging you any additional charge. With unmanaged hosting plans you may need to set up your own backup system which will also cost plenty.


With this article, we discussed some of the key benefits of managed hosting and why starts should choose it over the conventional hosting. Managing your hosting environment all by yourself can be challenging and time-consuming. By choosing managed hosting you are completely free from the burden of managing and maintaining your servers. From ensuring cloud security to keeping your website data protected, managed web hosts will completely take care of all your hosting-related needs.  

You can get in touch with Cloudington, if you are a startup and are looking for a managed hosting service provider that offers reliable and affordable cloud hosting services. 

Check out our managed DigitalOcean hosting services to pick the best plan that suits your business needs.

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