Advantages of Managed WordPress Website Hosting – A Closer Look

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Cloudyea blog 04-02-2022

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To thrive online with your WordPress website business, you must handle tasks, including marketing, hosting, social media, advertising, content production, and so on. If these are not managed or organized, it can rapidly become overwhelming and unpleasant. Downtime and failure of the website can also cost money for the business and can lose potential online users. Without proper management of the WordPress website hosting, it may face the risk of critical downtime, failures, security issues, reduced performance, loss of data etc. Here the managed WordPress website hosting advantages comes to the rescue.

So for the business to succeed among competitors, it should have adopted competitive managed WordPress website hosting that ensures better uptime and performance.

Now let’s dive into the advantages of managed WordPress website hosting.

1, High-performance optimization

For optimum performance, managed WordPress hosting provides dedicated environments designed specifically for WordPress. Sharing a host or building your own will typically involve more bare-bones machines, and you will have to install software and optimize to get the same speed that a managed WordPress host offers out of the box. Additionally, there are some cases where you can’t achieve the necessary performance with a shared host but possible with managed WordPress hosting. High performance is the quality value and best advantage of managed WordPress hosting. 

During traffic spikes, the cache must deliver as many assets as possible. The server is less burdened as a result, and everything is delivered lightning fast. Implementing server-level caching and or full page caching is handled by Managed WordPress website hosting providers. So, it’s not necessary to worry about finding the fastest caching WordPress Plugin and spending time and frustration, as maintaining and updating plugins can also be stressful. Furthermore, server-level caching is much faster than any plugin.

A top-tier managed WordPress hosting provider also provides cutting-edge architecture and technology. Utilizing the most recent versions of PHP 7, MariaDB, HTTP/2, NGINX etc., have been proven to be the fastest WordPress combinations.

Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting Services also aids in significantly reducing load times when migrating a WordPress website to the Cloud platform. 

2, Superior Support

Managed WordPress website hosting providers deal with the WordPress platform, and support teams that focus on this area will become experts in handling various WordPress website hosting activities. The support team, which includes all WordPress developers, server engineers, and so on, contributes to the efficient hosting and management of the WordPress website. The support department’s expertise in WordPress website hosting stems from experience and up-to-date knowledge. Any problems are resolved and assisted by a support team that are fully qualified in the field of managed hosting. Uptime monitoring and checking the status of all the websites by the managed WordPress support team helps to diagnose hosting issues.

3, Data Centers in Strategic Locations for Global Reach

Managed WordPress website hosting companies have data infrastructure designed for global reach. You can host your WordPress website in various locations using a cloud or hosting platform. Placing your site strategically closer to your visitors and customers reduces network latency and ensures faster page load times. Latency is the time delay involved in data transmission over a network. The greater the distance, the longer the latency.

Because your host server generates the initial load, having the ability to place your site where your customers allow them to access the website faster.

4, Automatic Backups

It is always a good idea to prepare for the worst-case scenario, which means always backing up your WordPress site. A quality managed WordPress website hosting provider provides automatic backups or regular backups to prevent data loss. Managed WordPress website hosting with data backup services helps to keep your WordPress website data protected and safe from threats. WordPress website backups aid in the rapid restoration of a website in the event of a failure.

5, Developer-Friendly Features

Another perk of managed WordPress hosting is gaining access to developer-friendly features that are not available on a shared host. Managed WordPress hosting allows easy access to developer tools such as Composer, database and log file management, one-click staging environments. Using the WP-CLI command-line interface, you can manage numerous aspects of a WordPress installation. You can make changes to users, posts, categories, insert test data, search and replace in the database, and so much more.

6, Secured environment

Security threats are increasing daily, threatening the integrity and performance of websites and even resulting in data loss. Managed WordPress website hosting provides security features like integrated SSL encryption, dedicated firewalls, two-factor authentication, and much more. Many managed WordPress hosting providers offer support and have anti-malware systems in place.

7, Structured with Scalability

When you fully utilize your resources in shared hosting, your only option is to upgrade to a higher plan or migrate to a dedicated server which can be time-consuming. All of this is handled for you by managed WordPress hosting providers. If you exceed their pre-defined limits, they will notify you, and an upgrade is only a click away if necessary. Large spikes in website traffic efficiently handled with managed WordPress hosting. Based on the business requirements and traffic, effective scaling of server resources up or down is possible with managed WordPress website hosting.

8, Mitigate downtime

Downtime of the WordPress website for a long time can cause revenue loss, especially for E-commerce and banking websites. It can also lead to a decrease in website traffic and a drop in its search engine rankings. Here Managed WordPress website hosting provider comes to the rescue. Continuous monitoring of the website and immediate action taken in the event of downtime helps to reduce the risks associated with it. Managed WordPress service providers can take over the complete task of monitoring and maintaining your website hosting with minimum downtime.

Why Cloudyea for managed WordPress website hosting?

Cloudyea is the leading managed cloud hosting service company that provides effective managed WordPress hosting services with unmatched performance and guaranteed uptime. Managed web hosting service experts offer secure, effective, and dependable WordPress website hosting. Managed WordPress hosting includes servers that are optimized to run WordPress websites efficiently. Cloudyea also ensures to deliver the above advantages of managed WordPress website hosting with dedication and passion.

Some of the key specialities of managed WordPress website hosting of cloudyea are

  • 99.9% guaranteed uptime SLA
  • Quick Issue Resolution
  • Affordable Hosting Plan
  • cPanel Control panel
  • Industry Experience
  • 30 Day Money-back Guarantee

Cloudyea also takes care of all your server management / administration-related needs so that businesses can focus on client services. So, If you have a WordPress website, consult Cloudyea to reap the full benefits of managed WordPress hosting services with better performance and uptime. 

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